Hours of Operation

Our normal business hours are 8AM-5PM, Monday through Saturday by appointment.  We schedule appointments in order to better serve you, eliminate long waits and reduce stress on pets.  As a small business we can often accommodate appointments to meet your needs, though there are only so many hours in a day and Saturday's tend to fill up quickly.  We’ve been known to stay open late for emergency situations (i.e., deskunking, Flea Baths, very nervous or severely matted pets that require more time for grooming at a slower pace).  We do our best to help you maintain a happy healthy pet, but please don't wait till the last minute to get a Friday or Saturday appointment. Grooming is very physically demanding and there are only so many grooms LaKiesha can physically do in a day.  If you can give us a call a two to three weeks in advance, or better yet schedule your next grooming when you pick up your pet, this would be greatly appreciated.  We do our best to find room for a grooming emergency ... please let us know if you have a grooming emergency when you call.  

If you get the answering machine during our normal business hours, it's because we are working on a pet.  Please leave us a message and let us return the call first chance we can.  Our priority is to tend to the pet on the grooming table first and sometimes that means we can't take a phone call.  However, if you don't get the answering machine, it may be that we are experiencing a phone line problem.  Please try your call again later.  We thank you for your patience.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not overbook or rush through the grooming process.  We schedule appointments much like a hair dresser to avoid long waits (which causes increased anxiety for some pets).  We don't like to crate pets unless we need to for safety reasons.  Most pets are done in 90 minutes or less so please plan on picking up your pet accordingly.  Dematting and larger breeds with thick coats may take longer but no pet will be rushed.  We work with your pet’s temperament and needs to ensure a high-quality groom.  

If you are unable to pick-up your pet when they're done, please let us know that when scheduling.  We try really hard not to have any barking dogs in the shop when we are working with cats.  

If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may offer that spot to another pet in need.  We value your time, please value ours so we can continue to operate by-appointment, which allows our salon to operate quite differently than the average pet grooming facility.

No Show/Last Minute Cancellation Policy:

As you would with any professional, please call us 1 business day in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  We understand that unforeseen emergencies do arise, but we just ask that you give us a call in advance whenever possible so that we have an opportunity to try and fill your spot with another client hoping to schedule a grooming. 

Repeated No Show’s and last minute cancellations impact our ability to serve others.  If this happens, you will be asked to pay a fee of not more than ½ the cost of your pet’s scheduled grooming service to compensate the groomer for the time she set aside for your pet.  You will also be asked to pre-pay your pet’s next grooming service before being able to schedule it.  Should you have another last minute cancellation or no show, you will forfeit your pet’s pre-paid grooming.  Continued No Show or last minute cancellations may result in not being able to schedule future appointments as we aim to serve clients who can keep their appointments.               

As always we value and appreciate your time.  We schedule appointments one at a time to minimize wait time.  We work with pets individually so we don’t overbook clients, but a client who cancels at the last minute or doesn’t show costs us an opportunity to serve other clients.  We hope you understand the need for this policy.


Before & After Cat

& Rabbit Examples:

Treat your pet to a calm individualized grooming experience.  At All Paws Pet-Salon our pet grooming process helps minimize stress on pets by scheduling appointments one at a time, much like a hair dresser.  This helps maintain a calm, loving environment and allows the groomer to work individually with each pet in a very low-stress atmosphere.  This is especially helpful when working with nervous or elderly pets, as well as cats.  You never have to worry about who's going to be grooming your pet here; ALL grooming is done by the same groomer here - LaKiesha.

Before & After Dog Examples:

We Welcome ALL Paws – canines, felines and rabbits too!

With more than ten years of professional pet grooming experience, I love working with all pets, breeds, and sizes including big dogs, bully breeds, cats, and even rabbits.  We have a special walk-in tub for large breeds and dogs with hip or mobility concerns.  Regular grooming is an essential part of keeping all pets happy and healthy.  Matting can be extremely uncomfortable and very irritating for pets and can lead to significant health issues.  I would love to help you see your pet's overall health and happiness improved through regular grooming.  Regular grooming can also help identify tumors and other skin conditions before they become major health issues.  My biggest satisfaction comes from seeing pets walk proud and tall after their groom – they know when they look good! 

We groom Friendly temperment felines

Our Services

Individualized Pet Grooming


We work with all pets, breeds, and sizes including big dogs, bully breeds, elderly pets, friendly-temperment cats and rabbits too!

​Regular grooming is an essential part of keeping all pets happy and healthy.  Matting can be extremely uncomfortable and very irritating for pets and can even lead to significant health issues. 


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Time for a grooming?


Give us a call today to schedule your pet's next grooming!  If you get our voice mail during the day it's because we're probably working on a client.  Please leave us a message and let us call you back when we have a moment to do so.  

Phone:  508-407-8686



We groom Ferrets & Rabbits too!

We offer high-quality grooming services by appointment to the Auburn/Worcester County area.  We groom clients individually and try not have a lot of dogs in at once. We cater to our clients individually which reduces pet stress.  We use a high-quality soothing oatmeal-based shampoo which is safe for all pets and helps prevent dry itchy skin.  We also have a hypo-allergenic option for pets with oatmeal allergies.

For your pet's safety, we DO NOT USE cage dryers; we use an air-force dryer which involves individualized attention while drying.  When your pet is on our grooming table, everything is within the groomer's reach and your pet has LaKiesha's undivided attention while being groomed.  

Our services include:   

  • Pawdicures
    (Nail Trim or Dremmeling)
  • The Fresh Look
    (Bath & Nail Trim)
  • The Works
    (Bath, Nail Trim, Haircut)
  • Sanitary Clip
    (Optional with a Bath or Nail Trim)
  • Teeth Brushing

Optional services include medicated and Flea Baths, deskunking, deshedding, and teeth brushing.  Dematting is done on an individual basis – sometimes the matting is so thick that shaving and starting over is the only option, but through regular grooming we can help you eliminate this problem.  We look forward to helping you maintain a happy, healthy, clean pet.   


Pricing is based on breed size, coat type and weight.

We do our best to work with your pet's temperment and/or anxiety challenges but it may require additional time and a fee.  Most pets do get better over time with regular grooming.  There are a few that do get worse though.  We do try our best to work with all pets.

pet GROOMING by APPOINTMENT relieves pet anxiety

we groom all canine breeds and ages

All Paws Pet-Salon

All Breeds ... All Sizes

Individualized Pet Grooming by appointment to help relieve pet anxiety!

​​284 Southbridge Street, Auburn MA  01501     Phone:  508-407-8686